The estate, vineyards and cellar

The estate

In the Naveran vineyards we cultivate local Penedès white grape varieties such as Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada, as well as viognier and chardonnay, and the red varieties: cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and syrah.

The geographical uniqueness of the estate is characterised by its natural hillsides, dominated by gentle slopes, which enhance the cultivation of the grapes, touched by the sun for most of the day.

Our estate is in the Alt Penedès district, approximately 45 km from Barcelona. We have a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers. Towards the North of our vineyards are the mountains of Montserrat, providing protection from the hardest winters.

The soils in our estate are markedly clay-like and in some areas chalky.

Rainfall is approximately 500l/m2 per year. Temperatures in January can go as low as 2ºC and as high as 30ºC in August, with an average temperature of around 24ºC.

Our harvests are low, coming from vines of up to 55 years of age, where the hands of our winegrowers and our organic winemaking methods provide us with grapes of the highest quality.


Cellar and Winery

In Naveran we work with microvinification and cava base wines.

We have the latest technology for working both our red and white grape varieties, which are taken to the cellar in the shortest time possible and, depending on the variety, in boxes of 20 kg for a maximum of 10 minutes, meaning that the grapes arrive in optimum conditions, without any oxidation or fermentation.

We have approximately 125 French and American oak barrels where our wines can rest peacefully and we also use barrels to age our cava base wines, which will subsequently be used for the ageing of our special cavas such as PERLES BLANQUES.

Our underground cellars are always humid and as peaceful as possible to enable our cavas to age over long periods, waiting for the perfect moment to appear and delight the palate of our customers.

They rest here for a minimum of 12 months in the case of our Vintage line and for up to 36 months for our Gran Reserva such as PERLES BLANQUES. Our other reserve wines including Manuela Chardonnay de crianza and Clos Antonia, Viogner crianza or Don Pablo Cabernet reserva are also aged here.

Our underground cellars are designed to house our production of approximately 500.000 bottles per year, allowing them to rest and to go through the process of autolysis until, as they age, they become products of unique character and singularity.